Restaurant Situation Guide 1: Vocabulary

El Restaurante / the restaurant

Entrar en un restaurante y sentarse a comer / entering a restaurant and sitting down to eat

  1. Vocabulario / vocabulary
    1. Vocabulario general / general vocabulary
    2. Tipos de restaurante / types of restaurants
    3. Bebidas / drinks
    4. Postres / desserts
    5. Cubiertos / cutlery
    6. La carta / the menu
  2. Preguntas frecuentes / frequently asked questions
  3. Diálogos / dialogues
    1. Pedir la comida, el vino en un restaurante / asking for food, wine in a restaurant
    2. Reservar una mesa / reserving a table

Vocabulario general / general vocabulary

Spanish English Spanish English
Gastronomía Gastronomy Almuerzo Lunch
Ingredientes Ingredients Porción Portion
Camarero Waiter Plato Dish
Servir To serve Pedir To order
Comer To eat    

Menú / menu

Spanish English
Comida rápida Fast food
Hamburguesa Hamburger
Bocadillo Sandwich

Tipos de restaurantes / types of restaurants

Spanish English
Mesón Tavern
Asador Carvery
Terraza Sidewalk café
Chiringuito Beach bar
Barbacoa Barbeque

Bebidas / drinks

Spanish English Spanish English
Beber To drink Vino rosado Rosé wine
Cerveza Beer Agua Water
Vino Wine Zumo de naranja Orange juice
Vino tinto Red wine Zumo de piña Pinneaple juice
Vino blanco White wine

Postre / dessert

Spanish English
Helado de fresa Strawberry ice cream
Arroz con leche Rice pudding

Cubiertos / silverware

Spanish English Spanish English
Cuchara Spoon Cuchillo Knife
Tenedor Fork
Cucharilla Coffee spoon
Servilleta Napkin



La carta / the menu

Spanish English Spanish English
Carne Meat
Pescado Fish
Pasta Pasta
Sopa Soup
Postre Dessert
Entremesa, entrante Starters

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