Shopping Situation Guide 1: Vocabulary

Introducción / Introduction


  • Hacer compras / to go shopping
  • Vocabulario / vocabulary
    • Ropa / clothes
      • Calzado / footwear
    • Colores / colors
    • Alimentación / food
    • Establecimientos / establishments
  • Preguntas frecuentes / frequently asked questions
  • Diálogos / dialogues

Ropa / clothes

Spanish English Spanish English
Ropa Clothes
Bata / batín (men) Bathrobe
Abrigo / anorak Coat Bikini Bikini
Bañador Swimsuit Botón Button
Bufanda Scarf Calcetín Sock
Camisa Shirt Camiseta T-shirt
Camisón Nightgown Corbata Necktie
Cinturón Belt Cremallera Zipper
Chaqueta Jacket Chaquetón Short coat
Falda, minifalda Skirt, miniskirt Gabardina Raincoat
Gorro Cap Jersey Sweater
Pantalones Pants Pañuelo Handkerchief
Pijama Pyjamas Traje Suit
Vestido Dress Vestir To Dress
Llevar puesto To Wear
Me sienta bien I like the way it feels
Me queda bien It looks good on me Me va grande It's big on me
Demasiado ancho, largo, corto…. Too wide, long, short Pequeño Small
Grande Big Caro Expensive
Barato Cheap


To cost
Gastar To spend Pagar To pay
Tienda Store Ciente Customer
  • Tallas / sizes
    • pequeña / small
    • mediana / medium
    • grande / large
    • extra grande / extra large

Zapatería, calzado / footwear

Spanish English Spanish English
Zapatos Shoes Zapato de tacón High-heels
Zapatillas / Deportivas Tennis shoes

Colores / colors

Spanish English Spanish English
Blanco White Amarillo Yellow
Rojo Red Verde Green
Violeta Purple Marrón Brown
Azul Blue Naranja Orange
Negro Black Gris Grey
Rosa Pink    

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