Spanish Immersion programs in Guatemala, Lake Atitlan

These are some of the resources that will be very useful during your learning of the Spanish language.

The Spanish immersion programs of our Spanish Curses and culture classes called 'Practice Immersion' complement your Classroom learning. It provides further opportunities for you to learn about Guatemala and the Spanish speaking world while increasing your fluency. The activities are structured and guided by a Santa Cruz Spanish Teacher and are beneficial to all the students at all levels. A notice board in our Spanish school in Guatemala displays the exact contents and timetable of the activities programmed for the week. Practice Immersion starts around 2:30 pm and lasts from 2 to 4 hours depending on the activity.

N°1: Guatemala Today - Conference

Guatemala Today: Lectures offering overviews and information about a wide range of aspects of Guatemala culture and society such as: Arrival of the Spaniards to Guatemala, The Mayan languages, Mayan religion, Mayan Cultures and Health or education system in Guatemala.

N°2: Discover Lake Atitlan - Field activities

Discover Lake Atitlan: Teacher-led excursions providing direct contact with culture, industry, history and Lake Atitlan art, such as: Guatemala police headquarters, a visit to the Museo Lacustre, or the best coffee of Lake Atitlan.

N°3: Guatemala Profiles – Interviews

Profiles: Interviews with invited guests, such as a TV-producer, a bullfighter, or a taxi driver. Moderated by a teacher these interviews are an opportunity to speak with selected people of Spanish society and an insight into how Guatemalans live, work and think. Meet the real Guatemaltecos and interview them about their work and life in Guatemala. Those interviews will make it much easier for you learning Spanish in Guatemala, Lake Atitlan.

N°4: Appétit - Lunch with Teachers

Every Thursday at 1 pm tables are reserved in a nearby restaurant for Santa Cruz Spanish Teachers and students. In an informal but SPANISH SPEAKING ONLY environment students and teachers can talk about whatever they'd like: food, program, week-end, grammar, opinions, movies etc..

N°5: Opinión - Your opinion

Your opinion about important topics in Guatemala: Give your opinion about important topics in Guatemala. Every week a different topic will be discusses and you are able to give your opinion about it.


Make your learning an experience with local people.