Top things to do near the School

Things to do in lake atitlan on your own
Our students going to explore some of the villages of Lake Atitlan by boat

Chek our top things to do in Lake atitlan on your own list or do it with a guide and operated by our travel partner Voltan Adventures.

Note: If you want to learn more about our top things to do with a local guide? Then click the link below to see all of the options ways to book your adventure. CLICK HERE

Why with a local guide? When you hire one of our local guides you learn, explore and meet local people. All this will make to your experience special!

At our school our aim is to support local economy. Whenever you book your classes, tour or workshop you are supporting our local people and their local economy.

Some activities that we suggest to do with our teachers: Ceramic workshop, weaving classes and cooking classes. If you are interested in any of the activities listed let us know and we will contact the local families.

In case that you want to explore the nearest market with our teachers you just need to cover the transportation. When taken the local transportation you will experience the way how our local travel from places to places

  • Cooking classes $25

    Book your cooking class at the School and teast our Guatemalan traditioanl dishes. This acctivity happens at a local family home, where you learn about cooking, making tortillas, and share a meal with the whole family. Book this tour at the School.

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  • Weaving classes in Lake Atitlan

    Our school sponsors several widows of Santa Cruz. The classes will be taugh by a mother of 3 kids, and your spanish teacher will help you understand all the explanations in spanish. By booking this classes you will support this family.

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  • Lake Atitlan Coffee $15

    Enjoy a short two hours introductory to coffee in Guatemala. Our guide will lead you into a nice coffee trail where you will learn about coffee and ist potential for the economy of Guatemala. Inquiere for this tour at the reception.

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    We have very good quality bikes for mountainbiking, and also have selcted excellent trails for our adventures form single track, jeep track, dirt and paved road routes.

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    Explore the lake on Kayaks you can rent your kayaks here at the school and go on your own exploring along the lake shore, also you can hire one of our expert guides to company you

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    We are pround to say that in our team we have expert birders that can take you to most productive trails, and or see very specific birds of Guatemala. Please contact us for further information for birdwatchint tours.

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    At our school you can book different sightseeing tours by boat to different villages and learn from ancient culture, history and religion.

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    From our school you can arrange several day hikes to differet destinations, villages, mountain peaks and enjoy Natura in a very unique way with our expert guides!

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    Explore colorful and very traditional markets in very specific days, please get in touch with us so we can create an itinery ans spanish classes schedule.

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