Spanish Crash Course for Busy Travellers 

Sometimes, you just need to know enough Spanish to get by while you’re on vacation.

You won’t be able to debate in the Congreso de la Nación Guatemala, but you will be able to read a menu, find the post office, and bargain with shop vendors for souvenirs. Our Spanish Crash Course for Busy Travellers is designed with the following in mind:

  • A maximum class size of 6 students.
  • The Crash Course is ideal for people with zero knowledge of Spanish.
  • 3-hour courses are available Monday through Friday.
  • The Crash Course focuses on the basics of practical Spanish, including common words and phrases.
  • The Crash Course is a great introduction to South Central America Spanish.
  • This is an on-demand course, so advanced booking is required.

The cost of the Spanish Crash Course is US$15 per person. There is no additional registration fee. All you need to bring to class is a pen and a notebook to write on!

We often get inquiries from people who want to learn Spanish while they are in Guatemala & Lake Atitla, but who just don’t have the time for our 5 day-a-week Small Group Classes.

For these visitors, we have designed our Spanish Crash Course for Busy Travelers. This is a special, one-time, 3-hour course that is available Monday through Friday. Spaces in our Crash Course classes are first come, first served, and are limited due to a maximum class size of six students per session. Due to the limited availability, reservations are necessary ahead of time. This is a great choice for travelers who have no knowledge of Spanish, and need the bare minimum for traveling through Central America.

During the class, you will learn basic Spanish vocabulary, as well as practical phrases and expressions that will be useful for scenarios. You will encounter while traveling in Central America and Lake Atitlan. Some of the topics covered include: greetings, numbers, telling time, directions, asking questions using common question words (what, who, where, etc.), ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, and so on.

The course material emphasizes verbal communication among group members. Under the guidance and direction of our experienced teachers; you will practice pronunciations and speaking Spanish phrases.

For the majority of our group members, this is their very first time speaking Spanish. So this learning environment is a wonderful way to gain confidence in just a few hours.

The Crash Course is a perfect, inexpensive Spanish class for those who only have a day to spare.

The Spanish Crash Course for Busy Travellers has a fixed curriculum that focuses on the absolute essentials necessary for travel, and does not teach any grammar.

It is not recommended that students take the Crash Course alongside our small group classes, due to overlapping topics. Much of the Crash Course material is covered in the first two weeks of the beginners-level group classes (in much greater detail than in the Crash Course). For those with more time, we recommend our intensive private classes.