Things to do nearby Lake Atitlan, ceramic workshop in San Antonio Palopo
A local woman explaining to our students how to paint the ceramic which are some of the great things to do nearby

Our school is based in the perfect location for things to do on your own and your own speed. So here are some of the things to do: birding, hiking, kayaking, explore nearby villages or go swimming in our turquoise waters of Lake Atitlan!

Ceramic Workshop

From our school you can arrange a 2 hours ceramic work shop. With your teacher can catch the local transportation towards San Antonio Palopo. Once there you will visit the village and the market ending at the factory of the ceramic. Place where your ceramic workshop will happens where you will have a great experience and a great product.

Cooking classes

Book your cooking class at the School and taste our Guatemalan traditional dishes. This activity happens at a local family home, where you will learn about cooking, making tortillas, and share a meal with the whole family so don't wait and book this activity!

Kayaking in Lake Atitlan

Go Kayaking in Lake Atitlan and explore, you can rent your kayaks here at the school and go on your. Or you can also hire one of our expert guides to company you.
And get a better experience!

Swimming in Lake Atitlan

With many great places to enjoy for swimming in Lake Atitlan our school is partner with the hotel Arca de Noe. Just visit the hotel and use their dock for swimming. Or you can order some drinks and enjoy the view while you are reading a book